Leave Nothing unsaid… Things I should say … #1 Carry your bible your iPhone is not your bible. #2 Preach Jesus as God, quit telling everyone he’s only a Son (Is 9;6). #3 There is no trinity, JESUS cannot be your Lord your god and you adhere to the catholic creationContinue Reading

Spiritual Gifts. (2 of 3) Empower your life to win the war the church must win. Gifts are the weapons of a deliverer, the weapons of a warrior, the tools of a preacher, We cannot in our ignorance avoid them or misuse them. They have been given by God andContinue Reading

The Sinners Prayer… Where is that in the bible? There were multitudes saved in the book of Acts, How were they saved? If they were saved then we should follow their way, the way that lead them to salvation. This then is why we should accept salvation as in Acts. Continue Reading

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