UNWRAPPED.. LOOSE THAT GIFT AND LET ME GO   Boxing day they call it, historically it was called Boxing Day in the time of Queen Victoria when the rich boxed up gifts to give the poor, it was traditionally a day when servants received a gift from their master andContinue Reading

Lets have revival Acts style.. Stay in touch for upcoming details on how you too can experience a personal Holy Ghost Acts style Revival right where you are today. Discover the incredible truth that will release you from the religious rut into Revival Power. A mini course presented by BrotherContinue Reading

Back few months ago Jessee Duplantis was criticised by many for asking for money To purchase  a 75 million dollar Jet. Perhaps one in the light of this should also take into account that that Jessee Duplantis ministries gave over 3 million dollars to the Hurricane Catrina victims in Louisianna.Continue Reading

George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation: What a Different Era (This story was originally published by Intellectual Takeout on November 22, 2017.) Thanksgiving is a quintessential American holiday. It is a holiday that in many ways requires some sense of the supernatural – whether we care to acknowledge it or not. Below youContinue Reading