I have often heard folks say “we need “deeper truth” I know there are many motivational speakers and preachers and motivation indeed has its place of importance. All scripture is given for Edification and exhortation and comfort and is scriptural (1 Cor 14;3) and is valuable and necessary. However thereContinue Reading

Freedom, the ability to choose life, love and religion, the power to speak freely and the right to happiness. To own the choice of freedom is a valuable gift and treasure one must defend and protect at all times. Those who have not your purpose will seek to silence you,Continue Reading

UNWRAPPED.. LOOSE THAT GIFT AND LET ME GO   Boxing day they call it, historically it was called Boxing Day in the time of Queen Victoria when the rich boxed up gifts to give the poor, it was traditionally a day when servants received a gift from their master andContinue Reading