We Serve a “No limit” God

The God without measure
The God without limit
The God who sees opportunity in all things and provides them for me
The God who saw nothing and created everything that ever was
The God who spoke the unheard of, saw the unseen and created it.

This morning I awoke with a song in  my heart
“Everything you ask for shall by yours”…
Ask for it…. Your faith is only as big as your ASK and if you want it to grow then ask again and again. Then believe that ye receive and you shall have whatsoever ye ask.
The only limit you have is your ask.
The only way forward is to pray it till you get it.
God told me this. “If you can pray it then its because its already own it and because its already yours, he says, “OK take it.”

Here’s why!
God owns what yours.
Everything that you could have he already has created and made ready for you. All you have to do is take the invisible out of the arena of the impossible and say “I’ve got it.”