My Faith Says I Can and I CAN

NOW faith is (Heb 11;1)
Faith never takes no for an answer. Faith, real faith says “Yes”
Faith says YES to God’s Direction, God’s mission and God’s calling.
Faith does not look at the bigness of the task, rather it looks to the bigness of one’s God.
Real faith requires a MIRACLE step into a miracle future.
…and that’s always NOW.
Faith is not you doing God a favour.
Faith is you doing yourself a favour.
You owe it to yourself to step out and walk in faith.
Faith don’t benefit God, faith benefits You.
…and that’s always NOW.
Faith does not consider the odds or the physical evidence,
The lack or one’s inability, rather it looks to God’s Ability and the bigger picture.
If God can, I Can. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me for the task assigned me.
Therefore I am always in possession of this supernatural faith, and being found ready at all times,
I’ll give it a GO..
…and that’s always NOW.

Beyond The Walls, Making KINGDOM Impact.

Jesus said, “my kingdom is not of this world.”
We struggle to build churches in this world and wonder why we are having difficulty influencing those outside of the church!
Here are 10 KINGDOM BUILDERS for 2020

To build the kingdom, Build engagement not just attendance.

Do 80 percent of your ministry in kingdom advancement
i.e online. and 20 percent of ministry in church.

Cultivate your connections with online missionaries, visionaries and communities. Your communities are your parish.

Build your online church membership by assigning an engagement ministry. ie one who connects in real time to your video audience. Offer incentives to your regular viewers.
5. Talk ‘beginnings’ The beginning of a new life, the beginning of a new day, a new ministry a new miracle. here’s why. to enter a book of acts life we have to have an entrance in the Kingdom mindset. This BEGINNING OF MIRACLES.. THIS DOING OF ALL that Jesus first began to do and teach begins with us approaching our MISSION as a book of acts assignment. The book of acts is Jesus blueprint for men who want to MANIFEST A KINGDOM ASSIGNMENT. Acts 1-1,2,3).

God’s goal is not to get folks to leave this world and enter heaven.
God’s goal is to get folks to impact earth by entering the kingdom. Don’t get side-tracked by thinking of the end of time. It’s not the end of time, its kingdom time. This is not out time to depart but our time to enter. Jesus never prayed for our departure he prayed that we would be sent on a mission like he was sent on his mission (John 17;14-18) THERE’S NVER BEEN A BETTER MOMENT TO ENTER THE KINGDOM AND TAKE IT than Now!

The kingdom of this world is not in word but in POWER (1 Cor 4;20).
When Jesus arrived in the flesh on earth he did not say repent for its time to go to haven he said repent for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matt 4;17). He did not not announce a departure he announced the arrival, the arrival of the kingdom. Now to preach the kingdom it takes POWER. Is it true then we have preached the church with WORD for so long that we have not used the key to enter the kingdom which is POWER.

.When you enter a town and are welcomed eat that which is set before you HEAL THE SICK who are there and tell them the KINGDOM OF GOD is near you (Luke)

What do you tell others about the kingdom? If they are put off by todays church, what do you tell them of the kingdom. we are not called called to attract them to church but to inform and bring them into the kingdom (John 3;5).

What then if our message was not come join the church but Jesus calls you to enter into LIFE and this is done by coming into the KINGDOM. Folks have ever excuse in creation these days for not coming to church. Our message must change. can we tell them the benefits of the kingdom? isn’t it then the kingdom the thing they are brought into by the new birth.